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RAD Monika Vuelta Ride Gobik



Grand Tours like the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España are usually reserved for the best cyclists in the world who are racing 3300km over 21 tough stages.


Monika, (RAD Monika) a German adventure cyclist and coach who lives in Spain, has taken that as her goal for this year: Riding the entire Vuelta a España route, only hours before the professionals do. Like the pros, she will be facing the severe heat in the South of Spain with a temperature easily in the 40s; she will climb the same steep mountains in the North with average gradients of 18% and will go through all the logistics and transfers from one stage to the next like the best cyclists in the world.


Although it is a massive personal challenge, Monika’s project called “The Vuelta Ride” has a greater mission: to inspire others, especially women, to ride bikes, explore the world and to challenge themselves. Female influential cyclists and groups like Stronger will join her parts of this journey.  Her goal is to create an inspiring documentary that will make the viewer jump off the coach to go on an adventure. It is about getting people out of their comfort zone.



What a cycling adventure! 1100km and 5 days from Mallorca to Munich

To prepare for this challenge, she has ridden 1100km+ from Mallorca to Munich, solo and with nothing but a tiny bag that included a T-shirt and one shorts. Wearing her Superwoman cycling kit, she has visited children hospitals along the way to experience the other side what challenges can mean. Here you can read a complete review of her trip:



RAD Monika Mallorca Munich



Photos: Sportograf and RAD Monika



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