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David Muntaner, the cyclist apostle in the heart of Mallorca

 David Muntaner Gobik Test Factory Team



Alaró is a small town of Mallorca. It’s half way between Palma and Inca. As we already said, it’s not very big but it’s in the perfect place, at the entry of the Serra de Tramuntana, the mountain chain that crosses the big island of Baleares diagonally.


Looking at the map, in Alaró, the cyclist has the Tramuntana on the left side, plains to cycle happily on the right side and a hard land in the north. In Alaró, the cyclist finds what he needs or craves. Everything is there. In Alaró, the cyclist has also a small cyclist temple that David Muntaner opened six years ago. It’s a mix of everything, so it has a little part of a garage, a shop, a museum and also good coffee.


A lot of cyclists go to this town daily in small groups. They come from almost everywhere and stop by David’s place to have a coffee while their bike is being adjusted, while they have a look at clothes, helmets and caps.



David Muntaner Gobik Test Factory Team



Life in a bicycle 

David is not from Alaró, he’s from Establiments, near Palma, the town that saw the secret deal between David and his bicycle, happiness machine and, also, work tool. When he was a little boy, he used to spend the whole week waiting for Saturday to arrive so he could go cycling with his friends, do cycling routes and push himself at the first ascent. He used to spend every day of summer in his bike, going up and down, demanding a Monty mountain bike. Weekends and summer were for cycling. He was always cycling, up and down, even to the beach.


But one day, when he was around 13, cycling demanded some commitment from that boy that had a bike for daily amusement. And he tried the mountain bike, but only lasted two years, because he was drowned by the road and specially by the Track cycling.


Mallorca is undoubtedly a place of good track riders; they have an ancient tradition of track riding. A line of experts, starting with the Timoner brothers that gained a fortune in Catalonia and even achieved to live in a small house on the shadow of the grandstand of Mataró Velodrome. Mallorca is also the land of a legendary track rider, Joan Llaneras. He’s serious and cold in person but a pro on the bike. A pro that made people stand up from the grandstand of the Palma Arena when there were still twenty more laps ahead but people already knew he was the world champion in points.



David Muntaner Gobik Test Factory Team



That day Joan gave David the goosebumps, the same David that participated in the team pursuit race on that Track World Championship. He also discovered how it feels being a world champion, but not in Palma, he won in Cali, in the Colombian Track Cycling summit. Back then, when he was paired with the Minorcan Albert Torres, he won the gold and wore the rainbow on his jacket.

“We weren’t as slow as we seemed, but Albert and I always plan races the same way; we have to find the right moment to attack and then move forward” says David.


In Cali they took advantage in laps because the Belgian team was faster theoretically and practically and, if they hadn’t, they would have won the silver medal.

But they won the gold, the gold following the previous year's silver when David, having no chance to go to the Track World Championship in Belarus with the Spanish team, he looked for a private sponsor. He got it and paid back to them in press mentions thanks to his 2nd place on thw World Championship.



David Muntaner Gobik Test Factory Team



That’s tenacity.

The same tenacity he showed in the heart of Alaró when he opened the small café while still being a cyclist. When he wasn’t there, his wife did the impossible to take it forward. This café is a little establishment that was and still is a container of illusions and love for this sport. The cycling track wasn’t a source of money from the start, it was more like a long-term payment, it gave him prestige and fame.


He covered the walls of the garage and the shop with world championship jerseys, the World’s Cup… even jerseys from six days races. His most precious is the one from Ghent, the six-day summit, which in cycling is like the bélle epoque.


When a Belgian touches a jersey from Ghent, from those six days away from home, he feels he achieved it. David deserved it. “Do you really know Ghent?” they ask him.


Cycling track is the cycling university. For David, three words describe this term:

Speed, because everything goes fast, even long-distance races, the least obvious ones. If you blink, you miss it.

Show on races that you can perfectly watch from start to end in first person, without the need of a narrator.

Strategy, because if you don’t have it you are no one: clear mind, avoiding attacks and play your cards.


David shows love for his business,based on love for cycling culture, that means following everlasting values.


He stopped competing three years ago and his establishment has been opened for six now. In it, accompanied by the smell of coffee and a toast and a ride through the Tramuntana, you can meet the Gobik collection; a brand David has a smooth relationship with since two years ago.



David Muntaner Gobik Test Factory Team



Good value for money, finishing touches, wining designs are the three words David chooses to talk about the brand from Yecla. Culture and love for cycling. David competes with Gobik in the Factory Team, the team that tests the clothing and, from their experience, they create next collections.


This clothing has eternal rainbows, David’s, Joan Llanera’s and Martin Irvine’s, David’s Irish training partner, with whom he’s got an intense relationship, just like he has with Irish cycling.



When the bicycle and cycling came into David’s life, it was forever.


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Photos: Ferran Soler Fotografía and David Muntaner