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MONIKA RAD - Gravel in Mallorca




MONIKA RAD - Gravel in Mallorca

When I first rode gravel in the Midwest of the United States I immediatrly fell in love. When looking from the outside, gravel riding might seem boring. Why riding on gravel if there is a perfectly paved road as well? 





"Gravel is more than just solely riding on gravel"

Monika Sattler



But gravel grinding is more than just solely riding on gravel.


Gravel roads are of gravel because they are not used much by cars. Thus, gravel riding means not worrying about cars.


Gravel also means to explore a remote region. An area, that you might know well by road bike, could be completely a new experience on gravel roads.


Therefore, I was very excited to learn that my new home, the Spanish island Mallorca, offers a log of gravel roads. 


I contacted Martin from Gravel Mallorca to explore what Mallorcan gravel grinding is all about. And yes, gravel riding is a world of its own discovering new regions which I thought I know well: roads led through vineyards, fields or forests.








Not only the terrain but the kind of gravel offers variety too: from easy, smooth segments to rocky and steep parts.

I loved the new experience!






In addition to the variety of gravel riding, I love the gravel scene. Gravel rides and races tend to be low key with the focus on enjoyment of the bike, the nature and friends. It is about exploring and discovery.


When I raced gravel grinders like Trans Iowa or Almanzo in the United States, I found great camaraderie among the participants. When riding rural terrain, it is crucial to watch out for each other; thus, the bonding between gravel grinders has been always very strong.






Thus, whether you visit Mallorca or want to discover more roads in your region, you might want to give gravel grinding a try.






Pictures: Carlos Abraham Photography

Translation: Iker Garcia


Want to know more about Monika?

Monika aka RAD Monika quit her job as a management consultant to pursue her passion for adventure cycling. She not only writes about her cycling adventures and tough endurance challenges like the Tour du Mont Blanc or Haute Route Triple Crown, she encourages others beyond cycling to create their own path and take on challenges because anything is possible. Follow her adventures on Instagram:


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