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Ismael Ventura, two passions in a jersey

Ismael Ventura Gobik



Autumn. Leaves fall like ocher strands climbing up the mountains. For this professional cyclist, “It’s the time to recharge batteries for next season, to enjoy cycling with no pressure, with no hurries. This is also the perfect moment of working on those aspects that can get better for next yeat, set up the calendar and, thanks to the place where I live, be able to practice different sports, as trail run”.


This is the description of this transition period according to Ismael Ventura, the time after a sport year. “Well, this has been the first year competing with my own structure, and I was capable of being present in some international competitions that would never be possible if I would be riding for a national team”.


SIt’s been 14 years now since he started competing, and if that wouldn’t be for those aspects, the motivation to “keep on taking care of myself and high level discipline”, I would jump off a window. Even though, I still feel there’s something undone because of the XCM Spain Championship. I was better prepared than ever and I arrived there in perfect condition. In fact, I felt much better than the previous year, when I got to win it. But a puncture with an open wound in the tyre that I was unable to fix left me with no possibilities. It was one of the worst moments I’ve been through in my career”.


“But this is part of MTB, this is MTB” he points.



Ismael Ventura Gobik



The IT cyclist


“It is hard tos ay that I am a professional cyclist. Although I would have been only focused on competing during some seasons, I’ve never wanted to leave my job. In the past I used to be an IT programmer, but since some years till now my main job takes place in the communication media, based on MTB, by testing and developing products”.


This is truly something to perfectly combine well with trips and trainings. was born more than 15 years ago and it’s been growing since then -he describes-. We are really happy to see where it has been positioned, the kind of content we produce and the approach we give it. It’s a privilege to have a channel like this and being able to be true to our content line. And it’s even supported by brands. Apart from that, those other Jobs related with communication have enabled me to get to know a lot of events, meet different people and travel. Most of the things I’ve learnt on competition may be appliable now to other aspects and being part of this cycling world always helps work to be a little less work and a lot more passion”.



Ismael Ventura Gobik



Two passions printed in one jersey


One day, Ismael met Gino, the most recognizable face at Gobik in the circuits. It was some time ago, the year Ismael won the Iron Bike in Italy. “He always talked to me about the brand –he remembers- and, that year, I had the freedom to get brands to fit my view of competition, and I didn’t even doubt to bet for them. Their stylish image in their designs and their quality garmens are perfect for my needs and the image I want to transmit”.


And from that bet emerged the idea of a product line inspired on his ideas and concerns: “I started working on the design for the jersey that has been such a success. At first stage I thought it was perfect for me as a rider, meaning I was not just one more cyclist. But I never imagined it would be suitable for selling. Luckily Gobik did believe that was possible”.


But this is not just that: “They adapted the design into a very original Spain Champion jersey that I wore during bike-marathon competitions. The design has everything that’s important for me. Each draw has a meaning. An IT programmer can feel identified with it at first glance…”.


Yes, there’s a PHP code line between the “drawings”.



Ismael Ventura Gobik



Now “I have the next year’s design in mind. In fact, I’ve been thinking of several ideas.

The first jersey has set very high standards and I hope the next one does the same. I really love to have this freedom to design that Gobik has always allowed me”.


But it’s not only the shape, but the background and the performance of these clothing: “Mainly it is important that the clothing is comfortable, and an essential point, is that design and sizing fit perfectly. At the end the visual part weighs a lot in competition equipments and Gobi and the designs we’ve developed have nailed it! The best sign of success is realizing that now others are designing similar stuff”.


Gooseflesh moments on the ride


Those designs show a path taken, a lifetime linked to cycling. Some moments with name and surname: “Spain Bike Marathon Championship, last year, was the greatest moment, as did before the victories in Iron Bike and the International Catalonia Cup, up to four times, and a second plase at Brazil Ride. I also remember as valuable moments the results I had during the year aI was riding at the XCO World Cup”.


Definitely “they are not a cross country superstar numbers, but the idea of finding myself as somebody able to compete between the best riders of the world attracts me. I have always been one of those who’d rather be a lion’s tail rather than a mouse’s head, although maybe it’s not the most valuable thing nowadays, according to the way Social Networks are comunicating”he assets, not without reason.


And this trip started as a cadet practising MTB. Afterwards, as a junior he stood up on road being Catalonia Champion and being pódium in several stage competitions as Ruta del Vino or Vuelta a Soria.

But mononucleosis twisted everything in his career, at a key age, being Sub23. So he came back to MTB and did his things in cyclocross, and even competing in the Spanish Selection. “But in that moment cyclocross didn’t have any relevance or repercussions, so MTB always ended up by being the center of my seasons”.


Nevertheless, MTB is is favourite category: “There you can find the most technical races. Now I’m more into bike-maraton and stage races. When I ride in France, for example, I can find challenging and highly technical races, that are the ones I really like”.



Ismael Ventura Gobik



The door to the bike


And now, in Autumn, we start from the very beginning, calm, we come back to the first experiences on the bike: “Run to explore the surroundings of Badalona, where I lived when I was a kid, riding with my friends. That’s how I discovered cycling and I always remember when we rode during the weekends”.


It is curious, because “in my family nobody ever was an athlete, so I have always had to fight on my own. I was lucky to stand up really early when I was a kid and I always kept a good level. This made easier to be part of teams with enough financial support and I dodn’t need to depend on my familie’s savings”.


And he keeps going like that, competing, Forefront, working, being an elephant’s tail, faithful to his thoughts and illusions, fighting to improve himself day by day, after all this time.



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