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Jersey Attitude and Bib Short Absolute by Gobik. The Sunday Outfit

 Gobik Attitude Absolute



First impression: The jersey Attitude  AMBER

Comes to our hands perfectly enveloped, as a piece of haute couture in a nice and thin paper which makes the first experience something to remember.

The first touch is soft, you can feel the tenderness in its folding and the finishes emerge. As thin as it is, it can very well be called “second skin”. You can notice its lightness.The main things we appreciate are details like the little pocket in the back with a pair of sealed straps that allow us to carry something in our outings.


Three words define the Attitude by Gobik: breathable fabric, tight and aerodynamic.Three words we test in several outings.


We put the jersey on and appreciate the serrated but fine zip, it’s a comfortable fastener. Sweat won’t make it uncomfortable when riding a bike.The first impression is based on the hive shaped sleeves that increase the feeling of refrigeration. The sleeves are perfectly close-fitting and the feeling of freedom is very noticeable.


A detail, the sleeve cut is fit enough to be kept in place for hours after the outing without being uncomfortable. That will prevent the three tan tones that other clothing sometimes gives us.


It’s a ¾ and very technical sleeve with an excellent retention.






This hive shaped fabric is so recommendable that it would have been a good idea to spread it to the chest because of its refrigeration. We will find that solution on the jersey collection CARRERA of the same brand.The sizes are much adjusted to the reality, so if you buy a Medium size it won’t be too big or too small, it will fit your body easily. This will avoid the trouble of finding your size depending on the brand.


In our case, we don’t discard the possibility of adding a first t-shirt to the jersey, a well tight first skin. We think the benefits of the jersey are better this way, specially if you are usually very sweaty.


After two hours, we noticed this first skin could be useful, so in next outings we added it and it was perfect because besides of what we said about the sweat, it adds a feeling of cold in some descents. A first tight piece is a good option. However, the Attitude fits our body well once we’re in the bicycle and reacts perfectly when riding because of the V-shaped waist cut. In these circumstances in doesn’t bulge and it’s not uncomfortable. Our abdomen and the jersey become one.


That lower V-shaped cut fits perfectly with the upper cut of the bib short Absolute in black colour, that we tried togehter.



 Gobik Attitude Absolute



We just loved the bib short ABSOLUTE. It is dense enough to protect you and let you move freely. It has a lower retention of approximately 10 cm that, like the sleeves cut, fits perfectly. It doesn’t become uncomfortable along the hours or the distance covered cycling, neither do the braces made of microperforated elastic strap that distributes weight perfectly and are very helpful for very long outings.


As we said, the upper cut under the belly button joins the benefits of the jersey Attitude creating a complete outfit.

The chamois, a key piece, won’t suffer along the outing unless it is a long path with slopes of more than 10%. Sometimes it will squirm on the bicycle and move a little bit, it’s not important but its perfect fixation in other circumstances will make us notice it.



Gobik Attitude Absolute 



We can say the combination of Attitude and Absolute is perfect to go out looking handsome, very handsome, on Sundays, on outings of about 4 hours that translate into approximately a hundred kilometres long for two or three times a week. Another piece of clothing we loved is the pair of socks: perfectly fitting our feet and breathable so you don’t notice sweat.

Therefore, we have a winning outfit with benefits that justify its price and a fantastic aesthetic that promotes the visibility of cyclists on the road, a problem no one can be indifferent about.


About Attitude and Absolute


The jersey ATTITUDE is one of Gobik's featured products this summer. Besides the AMBER, two more options complete the line: STONE and BURGUNDY.


It stands out in Gobik's catalogue as a very technical piece of clothing that shows the passion for details in its invisible interior pocket, its hidden zip or in the reinforcement of the pocket seams. This is the jersey for people who want a second skin effect.



Gobik Attitude Absolute 



When we talk about the bib short ABSOLUTE, we’re talking about the most adequate bib short for long trainings (up to 8 hours) and competitions. They are really light and compressive and the bibs, made of the microperforated elastic straps, distribute the weight in a comfortable way.


The line of jerseys CARRERA is the featured product of Gobik for extreme situations of humidity and temperature. In this case, we use a textured fabric in the front part to encourage transpiration. It’s the same one we use, for example, in our underwear or second skin t-shirts.


The trend of the bib shorts is characterised for a longer length in the leg and the use of flat seams. The seamless, elastic and non-invasive braces are the right way to follow.



Texts: El Cuaderno de JoanSeguidor

Photography:  Job Vermeulen