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Gobik, “Official Sponsor” of Garmin Titan Desert

gobik official sponsor garmin titan desert



Gobik becomes a part of the several brands that take part in one of the most important and media attractive cycling races in the whole year. Titan Desert will celebrate its 14th edition in 2019, and will rely on Gobik as a clothing supplier.

The agreement signed between the murcian company and the organization includes the design and supply of the leader jerseys for the womens and mens categories, and also the commemorative “finisher” jerseys that all the adventurers will receive once they cross the finish line.

Gobik will also provide the organization team, from staff to assistants and medical service, and will design a clothing special edition to commemorate the essence of “Titan Desert”.



Gobik at #TheNewTitanDesert


Fulfilling the Garmin Titan Desert’s necessities implies producing more than 2500 pieces, a major challenge for Gobik, that is now working on it to keep the identity of their product: custimization, pure lines and intense and vibrant colors.

2019 Garmin Titan Desert already revealed all their details: It will take place in Marocco from April 28th to May 3rd next year and brings a new powerful image under the hashtag #TheNewTitanDesert.

Find more details at their new website



gobik official sponsor garmin titan desert



Gobik and Titan Desert


Garmin Titan Desert means another step for Gobik to be part of the main competitions: “We want to consolidate our relationship with the biggest competitions and go ahead being present at these important races with high level organizations.  Associating our brand with Titan Desert positions ourselves as one of the leading brands, and helps us in our international expansion, thanks to the high participation and impacta ll over the world” Alberto declares.

The Gobik creators and team are passionate cyclists, but also active. “Everyone at Gobik, Alberto and even myself, live cycling day by day, and Titan Desert is one of the highlighted dates on the calendar. At the beginning just as participants, willing to achieve the experience in a different continent. Afterwards, its international spirit, its media impact and the vast experience of this organization imply the big challenge for our entire team“ José Ramón concludes.