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The ultimate guide for cyclists 

Treating a cyclist is a risky sport; we know that. That's why we are going to give you the keys to succeeding with them. Many times we hear '..but he/she has everything'. And no. Cyclists are all about nurturing their material, it is true, but they NEVER really do have everything. They are totally devoted to a culture that demands novelty, technology and safety. That is to say: they just need to be “gifted” with  many things.

This is a sport where you have to practice a lot, train well and in addition look as if you do. It all adds up. For that reason and in a period when a gift is a sign of affection, so much awaited and valued, we give you the keys to hit the mark with just any amateur cyclist.



It is not necessary or comfortable to have many garments, it is better to have fewer but of quality and that they are compoundable. Accumulating jerseys and clothes that one no longer uses, does not help. We would all exchange 3 jerseys for a good vest or some good insulating gloves! Identify the star garment and build the equipement kit from there. If we are in renovation mode, let's start with two key pieces: long shorts –coulotte-  and a winter jacket. From there, we can play with the inner layers, the accessories and diverse change-of-season attire.


tempest-turquoise bib-tights-absolute jersey-carrera-ocean   inner-layer-second-skin-black-heaven  
Lightweight jacket Tempest Turquoise Bib Tights Absolute K10 Man BS Black Jersey Carrera Man Ocean Inner Layer Second Skin Black Heaven




Go for gift sets, not loose pieces. Having clothes that belong to the same line does not simply add up, it multiplies its usability and the possibilities of wearing the clothes with the image that motivates you. Staying true to GOBIK, for example, ensures that your clothes follow the same color palette and that you will ultimately be able to combine all of them without problem.



Small gifts can be a great treasure: gloves, inner caps, cuffs or leg loops, good socks ... Become a hero for very little. Quality makes an ally even out of something small. For instance, one never forgets that special one to have given you those socks that avoid the pain of frozen feet!!

It is proven that to combat low temperatures, wearing several layers is the most effective.  To keep oneself dry, too. This coda makes a garment like the inner shirt, stand out. Apparently simple, it is a very technical piece. At GOBIK we have developed a second skin. The inner shirt will be useful both in winter and in summer and so it is one of the best accessories to a perfect outfit.

Socks CR Darkness vintage-cap-burgundy
Socks CR Darkness Vintage Cap CR Burgundy


Should in a sport, design, technology and safety be of central relevance, this is undoubtedly:  Cycling. Cyclists should have equipment that allows them to better perform whilst increasing security. These GOBIK Christmas gifts are therefore not a whim. They are items of a particular culture, performance and safety within our preferred sport.


It's Holiday Season. Hard months are coming ahead, where motivation will become fundamental. An on-target gift can be of immense value and so by choosing among the GOBIK product selection you cannot be mistaken. They are the perfect gifts for any cyclist at any level.