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In case of manufacturing defection, you have our free repair service at your disposal. To return your gament for repairance, please wash and totally dry it before packing and sending it. If not, it will be sent back wothout repairing.

Access your account at, enter your order history and select the correct order. Click at Returns / Repair and follow the instructions to inform us about the products you wish to repair.

You must attach pictures of the product and a short description of the defection. 

Once received, our Quality Department will process your request in a weektime period. You will receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive any notifications, please send us an email to with your shipping details.

Note: We could deny repairs if the damage is irreparable (p.e. dyes, grazes, scissor cuts or excessive damages), but will offer you an alternative solution if possible.

Any repair that doesn't correspond to manufacturing defections will be budgeted. You must formally accept and confirm it before we procceed. In case of an antieconomic request, we will offer an alternative solution.

Those Non-Guarantee Covered repairs the client will cover the shipping costs.