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1. This TEAM STORE is part of GOBIK SPORT WEAR SL and is regulated by the General Terms and Conditions exposed for, except for the specifications named below.

2.Every order placed by custom TEAM STORES will be considered FINAL and FIRM orders regarding, among others, design, sizes, quantities or garments acquired, at the moment the order placement period is expired. Changes or returns won't be accepted of any garments, because they're custom garments, specifically produced upon request.
An order will be considered firm &ONLY when meeting those criteria:
- Online order confirmation, after filling in all the data required.
- Payment of the indicated amount.
The absence of any of those conditions will be considered to all intents as invalid order, without any possibility to complain by the client's part once the order placement period has expired.
Any changes will be accepted once the order placement period has expired; in that moment the garment production process will start.

3. The group administrator of the TEAM STORE will be designed as the contact person for GOBIK, and will be the on ein charge of reporting the information bidirectionally, in case it has to be produced.
The administrator is responsible to review, confirm and process the order.
In case of group payment method, the administrator will confirm the group's order, will submit the payment and send the payment proof to GOBIK.
In case of individual payment method, the administrator will send the payment proofs of any payment submitted.

4. The client will receive an automatic email immediately after filling in the order form. The client shall approve the conditions. In case of wanting to place an order rectification or cancellation, the client will place it during the order placement period, while the TEAM STORE is still open, and never once the production period has started.

5. Every order placed through TEAM STORE will be produced from the TEAM STORE's closing date, and accomplishing the delivery dates prearranged with the administrator.

6. The payment can be made individually or groupal:
- Individual payment: Each TEAM STORE user will place uno or various purchases and will pay the correspondent amount to each of these purchases. Order confirmation and payment are required for an order to be considered firm.
- Groupal payment: The administrator will place a unique payment by the total amount, and this payment will confirm all the individual orders.

7. The estimated delivery date for TEAM STORE orders will be indicated in the upper part of the TEAM STORE's main page, as well as the open order date.

8. The delivery can be individual or groupal, according to the following conditions:
- Groupal delivery: Every garment purchased by TEAM STORE will be shipped to a unique address, in a unique shipping on the prearanged delivery date. The group's administrator will be resposible to collect and review the order, and provide the garments to all the team members.
- Individual delivery: Each TEAM STORE user will have the chance to specify a shipping address for his order. Each user will collect and review the order.
Shipping costs and delivery conditions are ruled by the specifications given once the shipping method is chosen.

9. Returns and changes won't be accepted from any product acquired by TEAM STORE or PREORDER, except in case of production defect.