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Alberto Contador is Gobik's new global ambassador

 Alberto Contador embajador mundial Gobik



Competitiveness, tenacity and attention to detail are the values that frame this agreement.

The Spanish champion and Gobik work to launch in 2019 a textile collection commemorating his professional career.


Alberto Contador, one of the best Spanish cyclists in history, is Gobik's new world ambassador. 

"Since my retirement from professional cycling I have spent my time between the Alberto Contador Foundation and their different cycling teams, from school to continental squad, the Eurosport cycling broadcasts, to be ambassador of L´Etape du Tour and in coaching conferences for companies", comments Alberto Contador. 

In his bikes routes with the friends, more relaxed, without the pressure of professionalism, he was struck by the Gobik clothes of some of his fellow riders. "The days go by and you see colleagues wearing clothes that you like, that attract attention. I asked about the brand and that's how I got to know Gobik", he says. 



Designs and qualities of Gobik 

"Modern, elegant and classy" thus defines the first impression Gobik's designs made on Alberto Contador. To the design, Alberto Contador adds the quality of the garment: "Its performance is tremendous, it is light, it transpires a lot and one thing I value a lot: it fits perfectly. Its aerodynamism is remarkable".  



Alberto Contador embajador mundial Gobik



The "Alberto Contador line"

Among the projects launched is a collection commemorating Alberto Contador's cycling career, a truly special and exclusive line of clothing for the thousands of fans that the Madrid-born rider has all over the world.
"We're working on this line, and we're taking some time to find the formula. It would be the kind of clothes I'd like to wear.

Meanwhile, I continue to test their collections and pass on my knowledge and advice", continues Contador.
From the brand, José Ramon Ortin, member of Gobik, affirms: "In addition to cementing our communication in his figure and counting on his presence in national and international events, Alberto Contador will sign with us a very exclusive textile line as well as other limited and commemorative editions of his professional career".



Gobik's global bet 

José Ramón admits that "this brand step towards the world of road racing must serve as a complement to what Gobik already started in 2018 in the MTB World Cup with Primaflor Mondraker and that we will continue in 2019 with the new team of Carlos Coloma -BH Temples Café UCC-, Compass Bike, Absolute Absalon, among others".

Alberto Contador therefore means, Ortin speaks, "the global strengthening of our brand, giving it competitive meanings, non-conformism ... which in the end take us to new markets and new customers".



Alberto Contador embajador mundial Gobik