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These features will elevate your look and your ride

During winter, our body consumes a lot of energy trying to  regulate internal temperature. This is known as thermoregulation. To help in this process and that our performance and comfort are optimal, we rely on textile technology.

Fortunately, in recent years, textile technology applied to sport and performance has made great progress. At GOBIK we have developed and integrated all advances in our garments so that yuor gear acts as a shield against bad weather and so that you can continue enjoying your favouritesport in any weather condition. 

During prep time, making the right decision can be complicated. Sholud you carry too much, you might end up being too warm and sweating more, but if you fall short, you may end up feeling the discomfort of cl¡old weather. 

A very consensual technique in cycling is to use different layers. In winter, between two and three layers equipped with the appropriate tecnhology will be enough for you to go out and enjoy your ride.

Each layer fulfils a different mission. Here are some good tips to combine your clothes:



The first layer must fulfill the mission of keeping you dry while you persipire due to physical activity. Therefore, it will play a decissive role when it comes to providing a feeling of comfort, helping us to reduce the risk of cathing colds or feeling un-tempered during the activity. Innershirts are mainly designed to fulfill this function. They must be made with a comfortable and breathable fabric that allows excesive moisture to be expelled outwards from the skin. 

Undershirt Second Skin SN Black Heaven



Jersey Cobble

SN Darkness


This second pressis meant to isolate us from the cold, acting as a repellent wall in this way, allowing body temperature to not dissipate and be kept as cpnstant as possible. Items in this layer are usually composed of thermal fabrics such as those offered by GOBIK - Thermorec and Aerotherm - That will ensure that besides offering breathability, they easen evactuation of the moisture receved by the first layer.

A good option for this second layer are long-sleeved jerseys. 



This third layer is specially important to protect you from wind, rain or cold, or even all of these factores at once. When it happens, it is advisable to wear a winter jacket, it might represent the difference between sufferng and exposing ourselves to the risk of getting sick, or enjoying the activity. Make sure that the fabric of this third layer is elastic and lightweight, as GOBIK's Alpha fabirc, and polar as our G-Therm+, which you can find in our Thermal hjacket Skimo Pro. Skimo Pro provides you isolation, windbreaking and temperature regulation, to keep you warm and dry.


Winter Jacket Skimo Pro SN Turquoise



Sometimes temperatures are low, but not drastic, so we offer you two extra options:




Vest Plus SN Man

Glow Lime


If temperatures are not extremely low, it will be enough with the first two layers and a vest to protect the most sensitive areas of your body (chest, neck and abdomen). Vests are very versatile garments and occupy very little space (you can fold it in its inner compartment and store it in your backpocket). Our vests feature an original and practical design to allow quick and easy access to your jersey's pockets. Its double coursor zipper, that opens both from the neck and from the waist, so you can quickly close it withoyt letting go of your bike when you start descending. 

GOBIK's vests as Plus are tailored with G-Wind and G-Mesh technologies to ensure isolation and breathability, and act as a protective barrier agaisnst wind, specially on downhills. 



Your great ally for the lower train are undountedly bib tights. Nothing better than GOBIK's Thermo Roubaix technology to protect and maintain heat in your legs. Thermo Roubaix acts as a barrier against water and keeps you warm and comfortable thanks to its thermal isolation properties. Our bib tights Absolute, made of this fabric, also carry reflective material, making them the best choice for winter rides, when visibility conditions may vary. We have put all the care and maximum dedication in developing Absolute, a key item for winter. Absolute brings a last generation K10 pad, which is super flat and combines two densities and inverted structure. 


Bib Tights Absolute

Man BS Black