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Riding the roller with Gobik

Tips for rolling with Gobik

Pedaling on a roller is, sometimes, the only option in winter. You can truly get very high quality workouts if you prepare and plan your training session.

Here you have some basic tips that will help you optimize your indoor cycling session:


It’s very important that the training room has proper air circulation to avoid pedaling at high temperature and let your body cool properly. Achieving good thermoregulation is essential for a good performance. Finding options to get rid of the concentrated heat in the training area will be key, just as the wind does when we are pedaling outside.


Make sure you prepare the bidon before getting on the roller. The dehydration effect is multiplied precisely by what was mentioned in the previous point and the resulting sweat of the poor heat dissipation. Tip: if you calculate more than 60 minutes of pedaling, add mineral salts to your water. If it’s going to take more than 90min, do not forget to take carbohydrates every 30-40min in small doses, for example in liquid or bar.

Session structure

Remember spending 10 minutes to the warm-up and 10 more to lower your pulsations progressively. The time you are on the roller is going to be effective in its entirety, so your muscles must be well prepared.


Choose specific garments for your roller session, just as if you would do in a bike outing. Ensure maximum breathability and quick dry. Get a microfiber towel and place it by hand.

Jersey Carrera

maillot-carrera-cr-darkness maillot-carrera-sn-marshmallow maillot-carrera-sn-ocean maillot-carrera-sn-glow-lime

 Maillot Carrera

CR Darkness

 Maillot Carrera

SN Marshmallow

 Maillot Carrera

SN Ocean

 Maillot Carrera

SN Glow Lime

Carrera is, so far, the most technical jersey developed by Gobik. Carrera offers a high breathability capacity thanks to Gobik's textured "Breathe" fabric, both in the sleeves and front area. Its slim fit is designed for the highest performance.

Bib Short Limited

culotte-limited-k10-hombre culotte-limited-k9-mujer
Culotte Limited Hombre BS Black Culotte Limited Mujer BS Black

Limited is built in with FLATLOCK flat seam. Its straps are made with an ultra breathable fabric and its design provides unprecedented backing. It is also finished with a soft and comfortable micro-silicone elastic band for greater comfort and fit.



gorra-glow-lime calcetines-lime gorra-ocean calcetines-heaven
Gorra Vintage SN Glow Lime Calcetines SN Lime Gorra Vintage Sn Ocean Crush Calcetines CR Heaven

Don't forget to use a garment focused on picking up the sweat on your forehead so it does not bother your face. For example a Vintage cap; nobody sees you, but it never hurts being stylish (specially on Instagram) so combine it with your favourite socks.

Discover more options here 


Training without boost to keep pedaling can turn rolling into something monotonous and boring. Some people watch YouTube, others listen to the radio or motivate with different tempo music, to switch between pedalling and cadence intensity levels.

We have created a 2-hour playlist of good music for your Christmas indoor training!




Put on your headphones, enjoy the roller with Gobik on Spotify, and keep building in base period!