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These General Conditions of Arrangement regulate the use of the website, property of GOBIK SPORT WEAR S.L. (Hereinafter GOBIK), located in C/ Músico Azorín Torregrosa 12, 30510, Yecla, Murcia e-mail and phone number 968075006, with CIF B-73817280, registered in the Murcia Business Register with number MU83485, Sheet 1, Folder 3000, Section 8, inscription 1ª.

Placing an order on the website necessarily implies that necesariamente as an essential condition, determinant and indispensable, the unreservedly acceptance by the Client of the General Use Conditions  applied the day the mentioned order takes place. Therefore, the Client recognizes that the acceptance of the present Conditions will imply the application of them to the referred order, and the subsequent orders excepting those cases in which new conditions are put in the Client’s concern.



To purchase an of the products shown at you might be legally capable under Spanish legal system.



STANDARD PRODUCTS ARE THOSE THAT YOU CAN ASK gOBIK WITHOUT performing the customization of those.

With the purchase of a standard product, by cicking the “Buy” button, you are binding offer. Before sending the binding order, you can review the order information (goods, quantity, price, shipping and payment method) and, if necessary, modify it. The order process can be cancelled at any time by closing the window.

The acknowledge of reception of the order is made thorugh an automatic email immediately after the order is sent, provided that the offer acceptance by GOBIK is not guaranteed.



Custom products are those that have been customized, in a way that they have been produced according to the client’s concept, p.e. design, colours, logos, etc. GOBIK will send you via e-mail the conditions and price faresof customized products.

You have the control design, quotation and shipping conditions for your check, and you are able to send GOBIK your written and or e-mail confirmation within two weeks after the sending. With the mentioned confirmation the contract is closed. You will then receive GOBIK’s confirmation by e-mail.

The minimum amount to place a first custom products order, is 10 units per model. Except for yarn socks and gloves, for which the mínimum is 25 pairs.  The mínimum amount for repositions is 5 units per model, except for yarn socks and gloves, that always have a mínimum of 25 pairs.



GOBIK has at the European custom products buyers’ disposal the shipping  of a Sample Kit and also a Sizing Kit.  This Sizing Kit will be at your disposal  within 7 days. It will be necessary top ay a 150€ bond deposit. This deposit will be deducted from the order payment. In case the order finally does not take place the deposit will be refunded once the Sizing Kit is returned by the client and checked that they are in the same condition as when they were sent. For non-European areas, you must ask for information about other possibilities available. 

In case the samples are not returned within the limit laid down in the delivery order an invoice will be issued for the cost of each garment (unit price from 10 units) according to the current GOBIK rates at the momento of the shipping.

For its return, the package includes a return label inside the Kit. You only have top ut all the products inside a box or a bag, perfectly packed, and stick the return label in the exterior. You can drop the package at the correspondant transport agency so they return it to us.

GOBIK sends those kits for your quality and size testing. They must be treated carefully, without using or washing them. The sampleas must be resent before the date established in the delivery note. The prolongation of this period is only possible with a previous agreement.  



For European Union customers, the indicated prices are final. Those prices contain the applicable taxes, specially VAT and all other taxes.  Shipping costs will be specifically detailed on the invoice.

For non-EU customers, all the indicated prices are understood as net price, without taxes. The determining criteria is the sipping address. In the case that, based on the legal provisions of the destination country, the value added tax is charged, it must be paid at the moment the order is delivered. In addition, import rights can be appliable, and those might be paid when the package is delivered. The above mentioned amounts will be charged by either the custom authorities or the transport company.   

The price also includes transport and packaging expenses. The client will assume a global postage amount, which can vary depending on the order value and the destination área, considering a possible remote delivery charge.



The payment will be placed by any of the following methods:

Credit or debit purchases; The user might provide the carholder’s name, card number, expiration date and the CVV code. All the information shall be handled through the bank’s TPV.  

PayPal Payment; PayPal allows customers with e-mail to send Internet payments in a secure, comfortable and cost-effective way. Paypal Network is based on the bank account and credit card financial structure to create a global real-time payment solution.

For further information, you can visit Paypal website:



At GOBIK  we know that when you place an order through our website, you’re looking forward to receive it.

That’s the reason why we thought of the best way to send your garments in perfect condition and as fast as possible.

Our standard products have an average delivery time of 48-72 hours from the order placement.

In case of product unavailability, GOBIK will assume the partial shipping costs if the client wishes.

In case of custom products, the shipping period is aprox 60 days from order confirmation, although this period might vary in overproduction periods. In any case, the client might be informed of the estimated date of delivery.

The deliivery period will extend, without necessity of cumunicating, specially when the client has not complied with its obligation to pay.

Custom charges are to be paid by the client.






SPAIN (Peninsula and Baleares) AND PORTUGAL 



SPAIN (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)



















SPAIN (Peninsula and Baleares) AND PORTUGAL 



SPAIN (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)









Property of goods shall be retained by GOBIK, and will bass onto the buyer when the demand of payment included in the shipping contract (reserved goods) regarding GOBIK are fulfilled.

The client shall be obliged to treat carefully the merchandise until the property change is produced and the merchand fully belongs to him.

GOBIK reserves the rights of ownership and copyrights for illustrations, designs, drawings, calculations and other documents sent to the client. This is also appliable for written documents that are not specifically designed as confidential. Before giving access to those documents to third parties, the client shall need the express written consent of GOBIK.



The user will be entitled to revoke the purchase of any standard product within 14 natural days from the date of reception without the need of justification. The withdrawal period shall expire 14 natural days after the client or a third party, different to the transport agent, acquired the material possession of the goods.

For exercising the right of withdrawal, you shall communicate GOBIK your decisión to withdraw the contract through a unambiguous declaration. You also have the possibility to fill in and send the withdrawal model form published in In case you use that option, we will promptly respond you, in a lasting format, the reception of this withdrawal.

If the cause of withdrawal is due to defective products, or the products do not correspond to what was required in the order, GOBIK will assume the return and new sending shipping costs.

If the cause of withdrawal is that you are not satisfied with the order:

We will refund you the price of goods, except the shipping costs, without undue delay.

The refund shall take place within 14 natural days from the date you notify us your decisión of withdrawal, the latest.

You shall assume the directive cost of return of the goods.

The refund will take place using the same payment method as the used within the initial transaction, unless you specifically disposed the opposite, and without incurring additional costs.

GOBIK reserves the right to withhold refund after having received and checked the condition of the products.

In custom products, due to specific conditions of the products and the total customization of those, only may be accepted for returns those products that are defectuous.



All our products have legal warranty for two years, and GOBIK assumes it as the seller just for those cases established by Law.

This warranty excludes deficiencies caused by negligence, beatings, use or manipulation undue, incorrect stress, or  materials suffering wear and tear as a result of normal use.

During textile printing, slight tone variations, as much in color tests as in the late delivery, are possible and unavoidable. GOBIK maximizes effort to reproduce the colors in the catalogue (online or printed) and its website in the most realistic way possible. Particularly, the colors of products shown on the site may depend on the client’s screen configuration, so GOBIK might not guarantee an adequate comparison of colors. Therefore, the shipping of GOBIK color palette in fabric is haghly recommendable.

In those incidences that justify the use of warranty, we will opt for repairance, replacement or price reduction, in the legally established terms.



You can make a complaint to the Spanish Consumer Office. You can download the complaint sheet  in the following link:  , fill it in and send it by email to us through



GOBIK has the liability exclusión against the client for slight negligence, provided that those do not affect any essential contractual obligations, damage arising out of an injury to life, body or health or the warranties emerged through the spanish Product Liability Law. The same is appliable to infringements of agents or legal representatives of GOBIK. An essential contractual duty is given in the obligations in which their fulfillment allows the correct contract execution or in those in which the client can and must trust in its fulfillment.

GOBIK’s liability against a company for slight negligence of an essential contractual obligation shall be limited to the foreseeable and typical damages.


Copyright / Third-party rights, release of liability, unacceptable designs

If the client presents his own design or has any influence on the product design (p.e. customization of texts), the client assures GOBIK that the named design, text and pattern are free of Trird-party rights. The client will be the only resposible of any violation of copyrights and the samples, rights of protection of personality or rights over names and designations. The client also assures not to attempt against third-party rights within the individualization of the product.

First and foremost, in case of using logos, images, slogans, fonts or legally protected designs, the client is responsible to obtain a written authorization of the legal owner and present it to GOBIK without being required.

The client will release GOBIK from all requirements and rights taken up as a consequence of these rights violation, given that the client is responsible of the dereliction of duty. All defense expenditures and other damages caused to GOBIK will be assumed by the client.

Designs containing images, inscriptions or other client’s wishes that may affect privacy of third parties, that contain pronography, intended for distribution of prohibited propaganda or that incites to commit an offence or partake in them, shall not be produced by GOBIK.

Particularly, clubs might be conscious of possible policies and guidelines of their leagues and associations in respect of their garments. GOBIK shall not assume any obligation or responsibility for possible  infractions.


Product labelling, self-promotion and personal rights

All products provided by GOBI generally contain:

One or more visible GOBIK logos and / or text.

One or more GOBIK labels visibly sewed, with a GOBIK logo and / or  text.

One or more GOBIK labels sewed in the inner part, with a GOBIK logo and / or text.

A washing label with a GOBIK logo and / or text.

Therefore, other materials contained by the product can include a GOBIK logo, as in the case of elastic bands or zippers.

GOBIK has the right to present its products through its website (on-line shop), in its catalogues (and on-line catalogues), as well as in other product presentations, as announcements, etc. Irrespective of their form (electronic or written), and in exhibitions.

GOBIK i sable to mention the client in different communication media as a reference. This also includes mentioning and using any protected names or logos. GOBIK will not be obliged to mention the client. The client i sable to restrict or prohibit to be mentioned by GOBIK.

In case of production mistakes or overproduction, GOBIK reserves the right to use the mentioned products as simple kits at other client’s disposal, or to be used in internal controls.




If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, GOBIK offers you the possibility of returning COLLECTION products, when they have been directly purchased through our website and you are in the 14 natural days period since you’ve received the order.

In case of a purchase in any of the authorized GOBIK stores, please contact the store to process the return.

Before starting the return process of the product you might take into consideration that the articules shall be into their original package, and be in “AS NEW” condition, meaning without being wahsed or worn, and keeping its original label on. Please check that the product is well packed in its original bag and protected with an opaque bag or box to avoid transport damages and to ensure it arrives in the perfect condition it was firstly sent, and to avoid issues during the process.

The CUSTOM articles, as well as the PREORDER and TEAMSTORE articles won’t have the possibility of returns or changes.



Enter and log in your account.

Click Order History and select the corresponding order.

Click “returns” and follow the instructions to process the return. Mark “Change” if a change is what you desire.

Once you have filled the form in, we will arrange the collect.

Once the process is started, we will send you a return card so you can putt he package in the desired transport agency. Print your return form copy and attach it to the package.


GOBIK shall cover the transport costs in the case the return is taking place in Spain, and when the collect is arranged by GOBIK in Spain and in any case, when the client has chosen a different shipping waym ior if the retur is taking place from outside Spain, Ceuta, Melilla ir Canarias. In those cases in which shipping costs are on the Client, GOBIK will return the article cost, except for the shipping costs.

Any transport operator that’s different than the one offered by GOBIK, will be under the client’s responsibility, GOBIK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE of any losts or transport damages if they are suffered by independent transport agencies.

For further information or any doubts, you can send an e-mail to including the date, article, address it was sent, name of the sender and tracking number if you have it.



GOBIK gives you 14 natural days since the client receives the order. Once you start the return process and the product arrives to our facilities, we will start the product review. Once verified that the products are in perfect condition and haven’t suffered any damage, we will proceed the money refund.  The refund will be the correspondant amount of the ítem returned, except for the shipping costs in case of returns from any area different than Spain, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, in a 7 day period.



Changes can be processed between similar COLLECTION products, this means different colors and sizes of the same product. If you wish a different product you shall make a return to receive a refund and place a new order.

CUSTOM articles, as well as PREORDER and TEAMSTORE articles, won’t have any chance of returns and changes.



We control quality of each product. Even so, in little cases, there might be some manufacturing defect. If you think your product presents a manufacturing defect, please contact us. Products damaged as a result of an excessive use during a long time won’t be considered as defective.

GOBIK will cover the shipping costs when the collection is programmed by GOBIK in Spain and in any case when the client has chosen a different shipping method different than the most economic one, or ithe change take place from outside Spain. In cases in which shipping costs are responsibility of the client, GOBIK will give you a shipping label with the address you have to send your package, on your own. If you need help to find a shipping agency, you can ask us. 



You are able to cancel your order if it has not been processed yet. In other words, although you have arranged your payment, the order has not been processed and sent, or in case of a CUSTOM order, it is not in the production line yet.



GOBIK offers a free repair service in case of manufacturing defections.

Please, wash carefully the product and make sure that it’s totally dry before packing it. Otherwise it will be returned without repairing it.

Access your account at, and enter your order history. Select the corresponding order and click “returns / repair” and follow the instructions to inform us about the products you wish to repair.

You can send us your product through the agency you desire. The shipping costs depend on you. If you need help to find a transport agency, you can contact us.

Once we receive your order, it will be processed within one week and you will receive a confirmation email. If we haven’t contacted you during this period, please send us an email to with the complete details of the shipping.

NOTE: We are able to dismiss repairs in case the damage is irreparable (p.e. dyes, abrasions, scissor cuts or excessive damage) but we will offer you an alternative sollution when posible.

GOBIK will provide you a shipping label with the corresponding address. You can arrange the shipping with the transport agency you prefer. If you need help to fin done, you can ask us. 



If you need to contact us or ask us any doubts or claims you shall head to GOBIK SPORT WEAR S.L., addressed C/ Músico Azorín Torregrosa 12, 30510, Yecla, Murcia, e-mail and phone number 968075006.



The present sale will be registered under the current Spanish legislation system (Código Civil, Código de Comercio, Ley 7/1996, de 15 de enero, de ordenación del comercio minorista, Ley 7/1998, de las Condiciones generales de la contratación, Ley 26/1984, General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios, Real Decreto 1906/1999, de 17 diciembre, relativo a la contratación telefónica y electrónica con condiciones generales y la Ley 34/2002, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio electrónico).

According to Law 34/2002 de 11 de julio the contract is presumed held in the seller’s address (España). If there was any disagreement arisen as a consequence of the present contractual relationship and they could not be solved in an amicable manner, it will be submitted to the considered competent Court, depending on each case.