Frequently Asked Questions


Are taxes included in the price?
Answer For customers within the European Union, the prices indicated are final prices. They contain the relevant taxes, in particular VAT and all other price components. Shipping costs will be listed separately on the invoice.

For customers outside the EU, all prices quoted are net prices. The decisive criterion is the delivery address. If value-added tax is applicable in accordance with the statutory provisions in the country of receipt, this shall be payable additionally upon receipt of the goods. In addition, import duties may apply, which must be paid additionally by the customer upon receipt of the goods. The above-mentioned amounts will be charged either by the customs authorities or by the shipping company in charge of the shipment.

The price also includes transport and packaging costs. The customer shall bear a flat rate for postage which may vary according to the value of the order and the place to which it is to be shipped, with consideration of a possible surcharge for delivery to a remote area.

    Shipping and Returns

    1. How long will it take to receive my collection order?
      Answer It will depend on the geographic area from which you have placed your order. It is best to check all the details on our shipping page.
    2. Is it possible to return an order?
      Answer Yes, from anywhere in the world and it is completely free of charge. All the details are published on the Returns page.


    How do I choose between the different sizes of Gobik jerseys?
    Answer Gobik offers 3 types of sizing for the jerseys, from the tightest to the most comfortable:
      • Ultra fit
      • Perfect fit
      • Regular fit

      Depending on your taste, you can choose one or the other. In the case of choosing an Ultra fit jersey, we recommend you to use one size more than usual in jerseys Gobik. In the case of the Regular fit, one size smaller than usual may be perfect for you.

      Which shorts to choose

      I want to buy a Gobik short and I don't know which one to choose.
      Answer All of our bib shorts can withstand long rides thanks to their high quality chamois pads. Their main differences come from the degree of stretch. Their main differences come from the degree of muscle compression, the length of the leg, the lycra used and their structure and construction. The higher-end bib shorts are indicated for intense training and competition, where a high degree of muscle compression, a greater length of leg that covers our leg well and a professional lycra elastic in several directions are sought. They also often include advanced solutions such as silicone inserts instead of elastic bands at the leg cuffs. The lower range bib shorts are shorter in length, have a more classic structure, with a lower degree of compression and more standard lycra. They also often have integrated silicone leg straps. Updated information on the equipment and performance of each bib shorts, whether summer or winter, is always available in the product data sheet, as well as its sizing guide.

        PRO TEAMS Special Collections

        Are these the same garments worn by the professional teams dressed by Gobik?
        Answer Yes, they are exactly the same garments, both in terms of graphics, pattern and fabrics used. If you buy any garment with this logo, you will be equipping yourself as a professional racer.

          Out-of-stock items

          1. Is it possible to know the restocking date of an item?
            Answer Gobik cannot guarantee an exact restocking date, but you can subscribe to an alert by size and model so that we can automatically inform you as soon as we have new units of your desired garment.
          2. What about 'SPECIAL COLLECTIONS'?
            Answer The collections of professional teams and other special collections are limited editions whose replacement is not contemplated throughout the season. It is possible that the collection will be renewed when the next season arrives.

          Looking for a sponsor for your event or team?

          Where can I send my information to apply for Gobik sponsorship?
          Answer Send us all your information and your presentation dossier at and our marketing department will be happy to evaluate your proposal.