In depth: chamois Female K9

Developed by the Italian manufacturer Elastic Interface worldwide exclusive for Gobikthe chamois K9, will provide you with the best cycling experience on long distance rides.

These are its main keys:

  • Designed for anatomy female anatomy.
  • Use for both cycling androad and off road (mountain bike, gravel, enduro...).
  • Performance: 8 hours.
  • Thickness: 11 mm.
  • Density: triple 120-80-60 kg/m3.
  • Foam: with elastic memory.
  • Fabric: EIT ECO Carbonium Flash antistatic, bacteriostatic and ultra-breathable.
  • CompositionPolyamide 76% - Elastane 21% - Carbon 3%.
Chamois Gobik K9


Maximum protection and unparalleled softness

Main highlightsextremely flat surface which in this case has been enlarged with the female anatomyproviding a contact with the very soft contact with the skin. The top layer, constructed with an innovative open-cell foam, favors the breathability y permeability air permeability.

The elastic memory of the inserts, of very high density, determines a great capacity of recovery of the material, which provides the maximum comfort in very long runs and a maximum protection protection at the points of greatest pressure.

The K9 designdesign is based on anthropometric parameters derived from studies carried out together with the University of Padua. They make it possible to cover all the mainpressure areas for the cyclistwhich vary according to the type of cycling practiced:

Anthropometric criteria for road cycling.

Maximum protection should be directed at the point of maximum pressure, where the saddle tapers and which should correspond to the cyclist's perineal area.

Anthropometric criteria for cycling off road

With a more upright position, the angulation is greater on the saddle and the body weight is shifted backwards. Thus, the points of maximum pressure are located in the ischial protuberances.

EIT ECO Carbonium fabric Flash

The EIT fabric (Elastic Interface®) Technology) with carbon yarn is an excellent moisture management system and is used for itsantistatic and bacteriostatic properties.which ensure a bacterial balance of the cyclist's skin while stopping the potential growth of bacteria on the skin. chamois.

It features a revolutionary design in two overlapping layers, which work together to improve moisture management. The upper one, with a ribbed structure, collects and transports sweat; the lower one expels it, thanks to its extraordinary drying capacity.

The fabrics used come from sustainable raw materials through recycling, ensuring a reduction in waste and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

100 % standard certificationOEKO-TEX. The OEKO-TEX® 100 standard for finished products certifies the non-toxicity of raw materials, semi-finished products and other materials used in the different production processes.

CertificateBLUESIGN. All Elastic Interface® fabrics are guaranteed and approved by bluesign®, the leading environmental certification system for sustainable fabrics and materials, ensuring production processes that comply with current regulations.

About Elastic Interface®

Elastic Interface® is the world's leading brand in the cycling pad industry. Established in 2000, they use science and technology to ensure rider health and maximum performance on every ride.

Where to find our chamois K9?

You can find the chamois K9 in many of our collection bib shorts and customized products fromCustom Services.

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