Ride to Cut is the new movement ofGobik towards a better future for all.

A new approach that comes to cut through any negative impact on the planet, and people. The time has come to make tangible something that Gobik has been practicing for years, commitment to its people, product and environment.



In our desire to take care of the planet and promote a more sustainable fashion, atGobik we have decided to extend the premises of the"Ride to cut" movement movement to practically our entire catalog, creating a wide range of garments made withat least 60% recycled materials.

An innovative and committed proposal in which each garment will have fibers made from the recycling of plastic bottles or surplus from previous productions.



In a clear sign of commitment to the environmentwe have decided to reduce the labeling of our garments to a minimum. Aware that every small action counts, we have set out to cut down on any element that has a negative environmental impact. In this way, we not only minimize wasteWe also provide our customers with an even more sustainable experience, where each garment presents only the essential information.



AtGobikour commitment to sustainability goes far beyond the clothes we make. We are proud to say that we have embarked on a path of change and improvement to ensure that our products are free of any unhealthy elements.

But our commitment does not stop there. In our commitment to sustainability, we work with nearby suppliers, thus reducing the carbon footprint involved in transportation.

In addition, we have implemented the "bluesing"system, which places the safety of people and the reduction of environmental impact as top priorities. At our headquarters, located in Yecla, we are committed to energy self-consumption thanks to the installation of solar panels. In short, a path that is undoubtedly leading us towards a more sustainable and responsible future.



Far from settling for being a sustainable brand, we have been assuming a clear social responsibility for years, getting involved in charitable causes and collaborating with organizations such asLedartispioneers in the treatment of aggressive tumors, as well as initiatives such as the"Pelayo Challengeworking to promote a healthy lifestyle as a means of preventing breast cancer, and"My Rett Princess"., raising funds to fight against this rare disease.

And not only that, in Gobik we have also joined forces on numerous occasions with organizations such asRed Cross Spain ySave the Children to make a better world for all.