Warranty and Repairs

All our products have a three-year legal warranty, for which Gobik, as the seller of the product, is responsible under the legally established terms, in addition to a free repair service in case of manufacturing defects.

From here, we will process requests for custom and collectible items purchased through gobik.com or in our ephemeral installations at sporting events. 

If you purchased your garment at one of our official retail locations, you can request your warranty or repair at the point of sale or on this page, if you prefer.

If you are an Authorized Point of Sale, log in to your B2B area to manage your warranty or repair.

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    Wash the garment and make sure it is completely dry before packing it. If not, it will be returned unrepaired.

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    Once we receive your request, we will email you a return label (shipping will be at no additional cost to you).

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    After analyzing the garment and assessing the manufacturing defect, we will notify you about the repair to be made and its cost (if out of warranty) and the approximate delivery time.

We may cancel applications if the damage is irreparable (e.g. stains, abrasions, adhesives, cuts with scissors or damage resulting from improper use - washing, Velcro, etc.), but Gobik will offer an alternative solution, whenever possible.

Request warranty repair

If you created your account on gobik.com, you can check your order number in your customer area.
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