The heart of the group

Every winter, in the most hostile confines of nature, survival depends on the herd. Alone, they freeze, get lost, weaken. Together, they find warmth, direction, strength. Out there, it is only their skin that protects them. What distinguishes them. In the heart of the herd, each individual finds his place, his purpose. And when night falls, when the trail ends, it is the warmth of the herd that endures.

Custom Works

Each pack is a world, and each one is full of very different emotions. At Gobik we know this, and that's why we have been taking customization to its maximum expression for more than 10 years through personalized concepts, exclusive designs and high quality materials. Everything you need to stop feeling unique, and become unique.

The photographer

For more than 13 years, Sergio Marijuan has been capturing the beauty and complexity of the natural world through wildlife photography. With his keen aesthetic sensibility and remarkable storytelling ability, he creates narratives about the issues facing nature. His works have gained international recognition, with appearances in National Geographic and prestigious awards including the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year, GDT y Montphoto.