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We offer you the best of opportunities to amplify and enrich each of the stages of this exciting creative tour.

Be an active part of the germination of a dream and see it come true in a gesture of satisfaction and pride on the bike.

We feel "activists", responsible for the feelings generated by the brand, capping a top, rushing a curve or leaving the skin literally on the roller. With you in the team, we will forge a close relationship, based on direct, honest communication, and focus on the value of your experiences and opinions. As designers and creatives of the cycling world, in the light of every dawn, in every gesture and in every decision, we have a responsibility to our audience: uOur power to make this world a better environment now and for future generations.

We focus our eyes on progressing and advancing in a sustainable way, despite the perfection of the instant present. We reimagine our processes in an even more artisanal way to be part of a collective effort for change.

More than 170 people practice each day teamwork, nonconformism, creativity, responsibility, restlessness, sustainability, creativity, love for cycling and humility. If you feel identified, apply in any of our open offers.




Product development

Ideas and concepts that are cared for with care so that they become the garments that will later become your best allies on the bike. A day by day of observation, analysis, research, evolution and continuous improvement.

A specialized team responsible for the conception and development of innovations:

- Basic research. Analysis of properties, performance and behavior of fabrics and accessories.

- Applied research. Elaboration of new proposals based on the wider requirements of our market.

- Technological development. Construction of prototypes or pilot products based on the knowledge acquired during the research.

Knowledge base of the experiences of each and every one of our customers, and in direct contact with the most prominent figures of the national and international cycling scene. And with a mission that never ceases: to generate the best user experience through the most complete products for each situation and each athlete.


Commercial address

Planning, direction and coordination of commercial activities. From the commercial management the global strategy of the company is drawn up. and objectives together with a sales team specially trained, motivated and identified with the brand's representative values.

Its analytical aspect defines the policies of tariffs, distribution channels, deadlines, campaigns and incentives and collaborates in the establishment of the administrative and operative procedures of the commercial department.



Overseers of the brand's own personalityWe are vigilant of the brand's own personality, beliefs, territory, raison d'être, and constant and consistent communication of its value proposition. And also defenders of the authenticity of our 360º behavior, whatever the country, whatever the channel.

Collaborate in the definition of the shopping and user experience. Shares the challenge of launching new products and collections, with one eye on the digitization of content, channels, needs and behaviors and the other on our local athletes, global ambassadors and professional teams linked to Gobik.


Commercial management

Assist each Gobik customer Custom Services throughout each and every phase of the commercial experience, up to delivery and subsequent after-sales follow-up. And it is the communication hub between the network of authorized points of sale, the brand and the commercial agents to efficiently manage needs, designs, productions, deliveries, warranties...

Its role takes on a more casual version in the many professional events and cyclotourist races of the sports calendar, always under the premises of health safety that we live in today.


Textile design

Creativity and talent define our team. Authors of Gobik's custom designs and patterns. Custom Services and that you will later see on roads and trails in more than 30 countries.

Graphic trends and sports fashion fused according to our personal and unrepeatable aesthetic criteria and ready for a customized production, full of almost artisanal procedures, but with the most advanced technology in the industry.


Planning and procurement

Analysts and strategists. Responsible for the difficult art of generating statistical models based on trends, forecasts and installed capacities. And with the sole objective of achieving the maximum performance of raw materials, semi-finished products, inventories and available stocks. Authors of a live and efficient information and business intelligence system.

Analytics and data from a passion, from a sport, cycling.


Administration and finance

Guarantors of the company's faithful accounting image and responsible for compliance with the various accounting and tax regulations, as well as accessing the company's potential financial or investment needs.

With direct contact with the company's general management, they will also be your best allies, at least once a month.


Information Technology

Responsible for the efficient operation of the information systems platform (ERP) and its different integrations with online tools. They support the main business processes, generating an efficient, accurate execution, aerosuit and reliable execution of data and information.

The best smile to generate data intelligence systems, support digitization. aerosuit of production processes, and meet the technological needs, assistance in the management of software, configuration and maintenance of networks, systems and telecommunications.


Culture and people

Because Gobik's corporate success is the success of each and every one of the people who are part of the project. A department with a deep knowledge of the human team, being able to identify their best capabilities and their areas of growth, both human and professional.

It will be the first smile you see when you walk through the door and will accompany you in your process of welcome, integration, training and success at Gobik. They are already sending you a welcome message.


Sales agents

The maximum commercial vocation for a world as passionate as cycling. They are the most recognized interlocutors of the brand with clubs and network of authorized Gobik points of sale.

With a vast technical knowledge of each and every one of our garments, solutions, finishes and performance, they will always have the most suitable answer for each user, for each requirement, for each time of the year.


Production management

This department is comprised of:

Production management

With the strategic mission of designing, planning, organizing, implementing, adapting and controlling the different work sections within the production cycle, in order to guarantee the scrupulous fulfillment of quality specifications, delivery times...

Factory Coordination

Operational organization of the different processes and human team involved, and with a detailed knowledge of each production phase, machinery and tools in order to optimize results and offer new capabilities or improvements.

Quality control and internal incidents

Pampering hands and expert eyes to detect and report on possible incidents or alterations in the standard set by our responsibility as a brand.


Internal logistics

Its mission is to ensure the efficient flow of materials between the various work centers and the different stages of production at Gobik. They are responsible for controlling the stock of raw materials, receiving stock from suppliers and distributing the means of production in an appropriate manner.


Digital printing

Its mission is to ensure that textile creativity is brought to life on a large scale. A team in charge of the installation, configuration, management, calibration and repair of the farm of digital medium format printing systems in continuous expansion and with increasingly striking color requirements. A challenge that goes far beyond just 4 inks.



This is the base of the production chain, where the fabric reels start a journey to become the garments that will later be worn in the Tour or World Cup.

They select and arrange the fabric, optimize the layout of the patterns, create markings, supervise the operation of the cutting machines and identify the different pieces that will go on to the next stage of the process: calendering.


Preparation and calendering

Artisans of the magic by sublimation that surprises any newcomer, transferring the print of the design to the previously cut pieces. The white is left behind and from here the color will be the protagonist.

Attention, agility, attention to detail and a lot of rhythm, these must be your qualities.


Textile manufacturing

Our collection of a thousand colored threads, zippers, suspenders, straps, ribbons, chamois, and so on. A puzzle that takes shape in your hands. More craftsmanship, more love for the work and all the affection for the final finish.


Ironing and packing

Our careful touch of ironing will be the last touch where we have direct contact with the garment, before proceeding to the bagging and organizing the logistics of destination.


Shipping and warehousing

At the end of our work, from here there is only a path of storage, inventory control and the final expedition of both our Collection and Gobik garments. Custom Services. 

And don't forget, our packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials to deliver globally more than 50,000 orders per year to our Authorized Retailers, Gobik customers. Custom Services and online shoppers at


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