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Bib Women

Ultralite Black

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Our most advanced ultralight, elite performance model. With an innovative structure with almost total absence of seams. The high-tech fabrics used guarantee perfect pressure distribution and muscle compression similar to heavier rash guards. The extended leg length (+2 cm) covers more of the thigh and increases the degree of muscle compression.

  • Double-sided circular knitted fabric with multifilament structure.
  • Innovative structure without transverse seams.
  • Laser cut straps crossed in the front and back.
  • Adjustment to the thighs without elastic band and with microperforations.



  • Weight: 155 g (M)

  • UPF: 50

  • Use temperature: 17- 38 ºC

  • Badana: K9


Warm days, with mild to high temperatures. Ideal for demanding routes and competitions, thanks to its high breathability, compression and lightness.


  • Innovative structure, with virtually no seams, which provides perfect support and pressure distribution at all points of contact with the rider, ensuring optimal compression with very high comfort, suitable for long routes at high pace.
  • The fabrics used represent a real revolution in terms of materials, providing a spectacular feeling of comfort and support, while maintaining high levels of breathability, opacity and compression.
  • The straps are laser-cut and stand out for their minimalism, distributing the pressure on the athlete in a balanced and uniform way. They use a criss-cross arrangement on both the front and back, adapting better to the female anatomy and providing excellent support and comfort.
  • The legs do not use the classic elastic straps, but instead incorporate inner silicone inserts to ensure the necessary support with maximum comfort and feeling of freedom.
  • The thigh area features micro-perforations to increase the perspiration rate and give a very attractive aesthetic touch.


  • Do not dry clean.
  • Wash in cold water, using neutral detergent and no fabric softener.
  • Wash inside out, otherwise peeling may appear on some fabrics.
  • Use the washing bag whenever possible and the minimum load of laundry in the washing machine.
  • Use the delicate program or spin at the lowest possible speed.
  • Dry the garment inside out and in the shade.
  • Do not soak the garment or twist it to wring it out.
  • Do not iron.

Details that make a difference

Gobik D-Labs works tirelessly to develop the best cycling apparel on the market. Discover the most advanced details of our products.

  • 01

    Pad K9

    Ideal for long duration routes with a performance of up to 8 hours and a thickness of 11 mm. Different density foams with elastic memory and EIT (Elastic Interface® Technology) fabric with carbon thread. Extremely flat surface designed for the female anatomy, which provides a very soft contact with the skin.
  • 02

    Crossed Straps

    Crossed at the front, for a perfect adaptation to the female anatomy that provides great comfort.
  • 03

    Leg Grippers

    The fit to the thighs lacks the classic elastic bands, instead, inner silicone inserts are incorporated to ensure the necessary support with maximum comfort and feeling of freedom, avoiding unnecessary pressure. The fabric is micro-perforated, increasing breathability and preventing weight gain due to sweat accumulation.
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