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Bib Tights Men

Limited 6.0 Black

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New version of our ideal garment for training and regular winter outings. Versatile and medium muscle compression. With a new pattern that improves the aesthetics of the garment and more abrasion resistant fabric.

  • New pattern of refined and minimalist aesthetics.
  • New fabric in the lower part of the bib more resistant to abrasion.
  • Enlarged vertical reflective inserts.




Rain Protection

Wind Protection

  • Weight: 250 g (M)

  • Use temperature: 0- 15 ºC

  • Chamois: K10


Low temperatures in winter days. It is a garment that will offer you an excellent thermal comfort in regular outings and training in cold climates.


  • New evolution of a model with excellent qualities of comfort, lightness and warmth.
  • It has a new pattern and a change of stitching that gives it a refined and minimalist aesthetic.
  • Its plush fabric provides a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin and will keep you warm during routes with low temperatures. Abrasion resistance has been improved.
  • The straps are microperforated and ergonomic, distributing the pressure on the athlete in a balanced and uniform way.
  • At the lower end of the legs, enlarged reflective inserts are integrated to provide extra visibility. They are finished with a 35 mm silicone elastic band for an optimal fit to the ankle.



  • Do not dry clean.

  • Wash in cold water, using neutral detergent and no fabric softener.

  • Wash inside out, otherwise peeling may appear on some fabrics.

  • Use the washing bag whenever possible and the minimum load of laundry in the washing machine.

  • Use the delicate program or spin at the lowest possible speed.

  • Dry the garment inside out and in the shade.

  • Do not soak the garment or twist it to wring it out.

  • Do not iron.

Details that make a difference

Gobik D-Labs works tirelessly to develop the best cycling apparel on the market. Discover the most advanced details of our products.

  • 01

    Chamois K10

    Exclusively developed by the Italian specialist Elastic Interface® to meet the needs of professional cyclists who spend long hours in the saddle and need the best possible support. Different density foams with elastic memory and fabric with antibacterial carbon thread. Central channel designed specifically for the male anatomy. Performance of up to 8 hours and thickness of 11 mm.
  • 02

    Microperforated Straps

    Micro-perforated elastic straps. Wraparound, safe and comfortable. They offer optimal support and have an extended width to distribute the weight evenly.
  • 03

    Optimum Visibility

    Reflective details are included, which in addition to providing visibility and improving our safety, create a differentiating aesthetic.
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