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Aerosuit Men

Brooklyn Matt 2.0 Assembly

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New version of our top aerodynamic performance garment. Its elaborate one-piece construction offers unprecedented comfort, eliminating shoulder straps and waist displacements suffered by the jerseys. Highly efficient fabrics provide high rates of breathability and quick drying, which, coupled with a full front zipper and new mesh side panels, allow for optimal temperature control.

  • Highly breathable mesh side panels.
  • Full concealed front zipper.
  • Chamois Multi-density Elastic Interface®.



Leg Length

  • Weight: 250 g (M)

  • UPF: 50

  • Use temperature: 15- 35 ºC

  • Fitting: Perfect Fit

  • Chamois: K10


Mild to very warm temperatures. Designed for road racing, where aerodynamics and lightness are paramount.


  • The structural pattern has been improved, seeking to increase aerodynamics without losing the characteristic comfort of the model and adding solutions for temperature control, such as the new grille side panels.
  • It has a more stylized line, with a hidden collar of minimalist aesthetics that blends perfectly with the smooth, matte material of the bibThe new design is a more streamlined line, with a minimalist hidden collar that blends perfectly with the smooth, matte material of the material.
  • The sleeve fabric has been selected for better wind dispersion. Its seamless laser cut, inherited from our high-end models, offers a smooth surface that eliminates friction, providing greater aerodynamics and comfort.
  • The side panels are new, with an open mesh fabric that offers active ventilation the higher our speed and demand.
  • Full front zipper makes it easy to put on and promotes airflow, making it the perfect choice for the hottest days.
  • The 3 pockets in the lumbar area have been designed in the most minimalist way possible, to contribute to the ultralight weight of the garment and to obtain a low profile, maximizing aerodynamics when we go coupled.
  • For the bib a medium-weight OEKO-TEX® certified bi-elastic lycra fabric is used, which provides contained compression, reducing lactic acid production and muscle tension, providing an optimal balance between performance and comfort.
  • The lower leg area incorporates a 60 mm elastic band with linear micro-openings, which increase breathability without compromising the grip on the thighs. They also incorporate reflective elements on the back to facilitate visibility in low light conditions.
  • This model uses a leg length extended by +2 cm compared to the Gobik standard, providing greater coverage on the thighs and increasing the degree of muscle compression.


  • Do not dry clean.
  • Wash in cold water, using neutral detergent and no fabric softener.
  • Wash inside out and with the zipper completely closed, otherwise peeling may appear on certain fabrics.
  • Use the washing bag whenever possible and the minimum load of laundry in the washing machine.
  • Use the delicate program or spin at the lowest possible speed.
  • Dry the garment inside out and in the shade.
  • Do not soak the garment or twist it to wring it out.
  • Do not iron.

Details that make a difference

Gobik D-Labs works tirelessly to develop the best cycling apparel on the market. Discover the most advanced details of our products.

  • 01

    Front Opening

    Full front opening with zipper makes it easy to put on and allows air flow, making it the perfect choice for the hottest days.
  • 02

    Advanced Aerodynamics

    Structure and materials that dissipate the wind, favoring its circulation around the garment and minimizing aerodynamic resistance.
  • 03

    Chamois K10

    Exclusively developed by the Italian specialist Elastic Interface® to meet the needs of professional cyclists who spend long hours in the saddle and need the best possible support. Different density foams with elastic memory and fabric with antibacterial carbon thread. Central channel designed specifically for the male anatomy. Performance of up to 8 hours and thickness of 11 mm.
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