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Laundry Bag

Hex True Black

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Wash bag that acts as a protective layer during each wash and keeps your GOBIK garments in perfect condition.

  • Inverted zipper closure with custom zipper puller.
  • Safety carabiner to hang the bag on any backpack.
  • Customizable ID tag.
  • Customized ID tag.


  • Weight: 37 g (M)

  • Dimensions:: 40 x 42 cm (width x height)


Designed to guarantee a optimum protection of our garments after each outing. Allows you to easily group and locate your garments and to distinguish them thanks to the identification label label.


  • The fabric of hydrophobic polyester open-mesh polyester fabric with hexagonal structure acts as a protective layer and allows water and detergent to pass through during washing.

  • The zipper closure zipper secures the garments inside.

  • Its identification label allows you to add the name of the user and his/her team/club in order to distinguish belongings when equipment is mixed in the same washing machine.

  • Your safety carabiner offers the option of hanging the bag on the outside of any backpack in order to air and ventilate the garments used after a training session or competition.


Before putting the bag in the washing machine, it is recommended to attach the carabiner to the looped tape to prevent it from hitting the inside.