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Jersey Unisex

Phantom Hedge



New premium model for high temperature and humidity conditions. With a fit that provides a great balance between comfort and performance, responding to the demands of a technical user, looking for a technologically advanced and very efficient garment.

  • Ultra-light weight, one of the lowest on the market.
  • Fabric Shade ultra stretchy and quick-drying.
  • Semi-open structure with high breathability.



  • Weight: 75 g (M)

  • UPF: 40

  • Use temperature: 22- 38 ºC

  • Fitting: Perfect Fit


Hot to very hot temperatures and extreme humidity conditions. Top level competitions and very intense training. Versatile fit with optimal balance between aerodynamics and comfort, ideal for endurance and long distance events.


  • It uses an aerodynamic pattern of maximum efficiency, which allows for reduced aerodynamic drag in the front and sleeves, while favoring airflow in the rear. Its fit Perfect Fit offers optimal versatility, with an excellent balance between comfort and performance, making it suitable for endurance and long-distance routes under very demanding weather conditions.
  • It incorporates a solid fabric of great elasticity and comfort, with an open mid-mesh structure that allows a constant flow of air, drying moisture during the march and minimizing the feeling of wet garment. It also offers a high sun protection factor 40+. UPF.
  • Extended length sleeves provide advanced aerodynamics. Its bonded construction technology avoids the use of hems, resulting in a smoother surface that offers no resistance and minimizes rubbing against the skin.
  • The concealed front zipper has minimal weight and offers a minimalist finish. Its high elasticity reduces wrinkles in the lower abdomen, offering a perfect fit when we are on the bike.
  • The 3 pockets in the lumbar area have been designed in the most minimalist way possible, to contribute to the ultra-light weight of the garment and to obtain a low profile, maximizing aerodynamics when we are riding.
  • The seamless waistband allows for maximum pressure reduction, increasing riding comfort. Stability is ensured by an elastic band integrated into an extended width back piece.
  • Reflective details in the back area increase our visibility in low light conditions.